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Bendigo Projects

List of Projects organised by the KCSSF

Other projects

These are projects that KCSSF members are involved in (but are not all run by the KCSSF).

  • Community gardens
  • Community Centre (2017) A centre with meeting room, library, office, toilets, communal kitchen, court yard with vegetable garden. A place where members and volunteers work to support and help Karen and Burmese people with their settlement and integration into local community.
  • Temporary Accommodation (2017)
  • With 4 master bed rooms with playground and lounge area, kitchen, toilets/baths, car parking, the Temporary Accommodation is for those newly arrived refugee families settling in Bendigo and other families moving to Bendigo from other areas within Australia, who are in need of short-term accommodation support before they are able to move into their own accommodation. Also for people traveling long distance between home and work, who need a temporary place to stay.
  • Health Clinic (2020)
    The Health Clinic will have counselling services and general practitioners for general health support. The clinic specialties in both western and oriental approaches, for post traumatic stress for refugees as well as their general health issues.
  • Aged Care Facility (2023)
    The Aged Care facility are designed for both Karen, Burmese and other community elders who live without the close support of their children and families. This is important as there are no aged care services with cultural and language support for aged Karen people.
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