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Kathin (Robe-Offering) Festival

2016 Kathin Festival is on Saturday 29 October 9:30am - 2:00pm

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The Kathin (Robe-Offering) Festival (also called Kathina or Tod Kathin in Thai, and pronounced "Car-Tin") is a colourful event where Buddhist laypeople donate new robes to monks and nuns.

The Bendigo Kathin  Festival ceremony is unique: it brings together monks, nuns and laypeople of different nationalities and Buddhist traditions. In previous years Lao, Thai, Tibetan and Sri Lankan monks have also joined us. This reflects the multicultural, diverse nature of the community in Bendigo and people of all traditions and backgrounds are invited.

In 2011 we held the 3rd Kathin Ceremony in Bendigo, and it involved Australian, Burmese and Karen monks. For the first time it also included a fully-ordained Theravada Buddhist nun, Venerable Dhammanada from Sanghamittarama Nuns Monastery in Melbourne.

Venerable Dhammananda graduated from the International Theravada Buddhist University in Yangon, Burma, with a Diploma and a Bachelor of Arts in Buddha Dhamma (Theravada); after that Venerable Dhammananda spent ten months in Sagaing in northern Burma. In 2003 Venerable Dhammananda went to Sri Lanka for full ordination as a Buddhist nun (Bhikkhuni Upasampada) and to study Buddhist scriptures at Kelaniya University, Post Graduate Institute of Pali and Buddhist Studies. Venerable Dhammananda graduated with a Master of Arts and a PhD in Buddhist philosophy in 2008.

The festival also included traditional Pwo Karen music and a song from the Karen Buddhist Sunday School children.

If you want to know more about the Kathin ceremony, Buddhanet has an online book.

Photos of the 2009 Kathin ceremony

Top and below: photos of 2011 Kathin Festival in Bendigo

Venerable Dhammananda from Sanghamittarama Nuns Monastery

Karen laypeople taking five precepts

Venerable Nandawontha (sitting) from Wonthaggi Monastery

Traditional Pwo Karen music

Venerable Moonieinda, KBDDF

Karen food at Kathin Festival
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