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Karen people: culture, faith and history

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Karen Buddhist Dhamma Dhutta Foundation has created a series of twenty-one posters with information about the Karen people. Click on a title to open the poster.

1. The Karen people

2. The Karen flag

3. Karen Buddhists

4. Karen Christians

5. Karen Animists

6. Karen Muslims

7. Karen New Year

8. Karen Revolution Day

9. Karen Martyr’s Day

10. Thingyan

11. Wrist Tying Ceremony

12. War without end

13. Karen refugee camps

14. Landmines

15. Forced labour

16. Killings

17. Rape

18. Destruction of villages

19. Persecution of Buddhists

20. Persecution of Christians

21. Persecution of Muslims

For more information about the posters, click here.

More publications to be added soon.


The Karen community in Bendigo has received very positive media coverage in the local television and newspapers. Click here for a selection of newspaper articles.


The following websites have more information about the Karen people and are highly recommended.

Karen Human Rights

Karen Women’s

Karen Teacher Working Group -

Thai-Burma Border

United Nations High Commissioner for

Free Burma Rangers -

Irrawaddy News -

Karen News -

Karen Information Centre (Karen-language news) -

Drum Publications (Karen-language publications) –

Kwekalu News (Karen-language news) -


Please note these websites are not linked to the Karen Buddhist Dhamma Dhutta Foundation Inc. in any way.

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