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Waso Festival

Sunday 24 July - 9:30am - 2:00pm - 26 Hercules Street Long Gully

Buddhist monks and nuns observe a three-month "rains retreat" where they should return to sleep in the same monastery each night, and avoid travelling if necessary.

The three-month rains retreat is called "Waso" or "Wazo" in Burmese, and "Vassa" in Thai.

For forest monks and nuns, the rains retreat is often a time of intense meditation practise. For monks and nuns who live in monasteries in towns and villages, the rains retreat is a time when their involvement with the community continues, but they do not travel and may try to set more time aside for meditation or study.

Waso is a small festival held in the place where monks or nuns will return to sleep each night. Monks or nuns will lead the community in chanting in Pali (the ancient Buddhist language) and then the community presents  the monks or nuns with new robes and necessities they will need during the rains retreat.

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