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Lar Kaw Kee Su - Wrist Tying Festival

Wrist Tying Festival in Bendigo

Saturday 20 August 2016 - 10:00am - 12:00pm - Bendigo South East College, Ellis Street, Flora Hill - click here for flyer

The 2015 Traditional Karen Wrist Tying Ceremony in Bendigo was very successful.

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The Karen Buddhist Dhamma Dhutta Foundation organised the first Karen Wrist Tying Festival in Bendigo in 2011. The whole community was involved in the festival.

Wrist Tying is a cultural practice in India, Burma, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Different cultures and religions give different meanings to the practice of wrist tying.

For Karen Christians, Buddhists and Animists the Wrist Tying Festival symbolises renewing bonds within families and community. When Christians and Buddhists, Karens and Australians celebrate the festival together it becomes a symbol of community solidarity.

In addition to traditional Karen Wrist Tying Festival, the monastery holds Buddhist wrist tying ceremonies for individuals or families when requested. Buddhist wrist tying ceremony is a part of Sri Lankan, Thai and Lao culture also and we are happy to perform the ceremony for everyone.

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Speech by Michael Abdilla from Department of Immigration

Speech by Rod Fyffe from Bendigo City Council


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